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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snape Evolving: 1

So today I want to mark the beginning of I series that I will spontaneously continue throughout the blog: Snape Evolving. My personal favorite character in HP is Severus Snape. Most's reaction to this is "What?" or "But hes a bad guy!". You could say that Snape has made poor choices throughout his involvement in Harry's life, but I think it is fascinating how J.K. Rowling subtlety develops Snapes character throughout the series, and allows our thoughts of him to go from one pole to the other, but reveals toward the end his deep ties with Harry's life.

The one example that I just read as I finish up the Sorcerer's Stone, is of when Harrys brand new Nimbus 2000 is jinxed and throws him off. Hermione, weary of Snape's intentions, immediately jumps to the conclusion that he is behind it when she sees him performing some sort of magic toward Harry. Later, if we think back on the instance, Snape was actually counteracting a jinx placed by Proffesor Quirrel, who obviously ends up being under the control of Voldemort. This instance is proof of Snape looking out for Harry.

When Rowling announced she would be closing the series with the Deathly Hallows, I was of course disappointed, but very satisfied when I completed the series. I felt every loose end was tied into the conclusion and that it was a very well rounded and complete series. The only thing I would LOVE to see her continue to delve into is the relationship between James Potter, Lily Potter, and Severus Snape. I find Snape's connection to Harry and Snape, himself absolutely fascinating. Also, I feel as if we never get a really really good grasp on the details of what really happened that night when Voldemort made an attempt on Harrys Life. I would like more on that, also.

How am I doing? Thanks to all my readers! Again, bear with me as I experiment with this blog.


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  1. you're doing great rip! i love hp and love reading other people's thoughts and opinions about hp! i always knew there was something about snape that wasn't bad. keep blogging and thanks for reading my comment! ~rebecca~